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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  September 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning everybody. it's 6:00. we still have a week to go before summer officially ends. the next sferl days, though, will feel like summer. highs in the 80s mike has the denails his forecast. ben: murder charges now against five members of a brooke college fraternity. 19-year-old victim died almost two years ago during a frat trip to the poconos. >> a major exercise yesterday held for the security challenges presented by the partnership's upcoming visit. ben: nypd is asking for your help to find the man here. he attacked a woman in the bronx a terrible video. the stpt is accused of trying to steal her bag.
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he didn't even get the bag, but he left her pretty severely injured. juliet: kept coming back. so that is -- i'm juliet huddy. ben: i'm ben simmoneau september 15th thank you for being with us this morning. afternoon? juliet: it was lovely. ben: how could it not be with that weather. juliet: with me -- right. >> yes. a good latte sipping day. juliet: out to the cafe. ben: outside. juliet: very nice. breezy, i like that. ben: it was breezy outside i did appreciate it. mike: all kinds of compliments yesterday. ben: after a summer it is nice to get crisper air. juliet: difficult for you? didn't like as hot? mike: back into his regular old self. ben: not complaining nearly as much i think you will notice.
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mike: a changed man. mike: maybe worth that much. there you go. show you what happened as far as high temps are concerned where we should be. average high for central park yesterday 76. made it up to 77 not bad at all. 78 newark. 74 dpleation allentown. same thing in poughkeepsie, and if 76 degrees in bridgeport. 73 montauk. so that is what we had yesterday. today is a little bit warmer for you, in fact, starting off warmer as well. 65 out at central park. 51 degreeses in poughkeepsie. 57 in bridgeport, and 56 in islip. so those temps are reflective of a slight warmup here. winds are starting to ease up for us still k078ing coming from the northwest but at 3 to 7 miles per hour. not a big deal in terms of the wind out there, in fact, lighter than what we had yesterday but we have a mainly clear sky hanging around the area. high pressure is in control that will keep things nice and quiet, dry here in the tristate, in fact, that ridge of high pressure is strong and huge that covers most of the country as a
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matter of fact. locally nothing from today sphwoorm. from tomorrow into next day same thing. not much happening with that future cast. it does very quiet out there. so we'll see sunny skies. high upth to 83. high of 8 5 tomorrow. 84 friday, and saturday over to kelly here again in for ines this morning looks like this one good news . >> good news i'm shocked. l.i. cleaned up out of there and we have all lanes reopened on the l.i.e. theys should be easing out a shortly. working on an accident from the northbound side right by boston post road at least one lane is out there. let's switch over now to a live look at the brooklyn bridge where things are quiet out so far not seeing any problems brooklyn or manhattan bound so far.
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over now to the fdr drive here we are with in the 70s both ways northbound, southbound everyone is still traveling, speed limit and pretty quiet as well on the new jersey turn pike so far this morning not seeing any problems by newark airport. mass transit on or close to schedule this morning. alternate rules are suspended but you need to feeds meters. back to you. >> police in bronx looking for man who punched a woman in the face and tried to steal her bag. ben: video is pretty disturbing this attack happened just easer 7:30 last wednesday night. in the vestibule of a building near east 201st try the in the bedford park neighborhood area. the man tried to grab the bag. the woman resisted you can see he punches her a number of times and then he walks the casually. he jumples on a bike and take off. he did not get the bag. the woman suffered a facial fracture and cut on her head. if you've seen that suspect please call crime stoppers at
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1-800-57 a 7-tips. ben: 6:04 mayor bill de blasio says level of security for upcoming visit of pope francis is unprecedented. >> dozens of local and federal agencies took part in an exercise essentially simulating a wide range of possible emergency to make sure pontiff and new yorkers are kept safe. fox 5 teresa priolo is on upper west side and has all of the details good morning once again. rng good morning, yeah, they thought what would happen if ans asteroid was hurl technician to earth at the same time the building collapse in the city at the same time there was an active shoot per situation a lot to deal with. any of of those situations is tough for any police department you put them altogether what do you got? outside the papal resident here, you can see there are security measures in place but the p nothing compared to next week.
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nypd is preparing for any and a all worst case scenarios, and they are training for it. hypothetical that could become the possible. [inaudible] >> nearly 50 succeeds including nypd, fbi, homeland security and secret service gathered in lower manhattan to simulate what would happen if multiparking lot massive injuries erupted simultaneously city wide. when the pope and general assembly are all in town. >> never seen something like this before. >> u.n. general assembly alone is typically a huge undertag but the pope arrival takes things up a notch especially since the holy father will canvas the city from the u.n. to st. patrick cathedral.
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central park and madison square garden and a he has a refutation for wanting to move about freely and interact with the people. >> we could keep him inside a bubble if we could, but this pope has made it quite cleerl as he's traveled around the world that's not what he does. >> thousands of officers deployed using state of the art technology. mayor says although next week will be very hectic there's no one better suited for the job than members of the nypd. >> this police force has seen it all. ready for it all. discussed possibility of what happens if he wants to use the mass tranl sit system and ride the bus in argentina. they did said yesterday, though, they're really hoping he doesn't want to do that and can't do that. add to the chaos there are two yankees games going on next week and two major concerts happens in central park. one last thing to mention to both of you ben and juliet, yesterday wed talked a lot if
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the security threat, and any threats against the pope, well yesterday congressman peter king mention that had threat that was against pope was not here in new york city. and he likened to the type of threats that we might see against the celebrity so not a coordinated event or oned that been in full fling. but something that we might see again like a major -- a-list celebrity that is latest from upper west side this morning. back to both of you. >> that's interesting. teresa priolo for us upper east side thank you. >> moving on now 6:08 five members of a brooke college fraternity facing murder charges in hazing death of a freshman student. >> mike tell ding his name he died in december 2013 almost two yeerls ago while on a fraternity trim to the poconos. robert moses here now with this story. took a long time to bring dmarnlings this case. >> police say it took long because it was so complex they have to figure out who was at the house. of those people who was responsible for what, ben and
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juliet, all told 37 people including taillight five you mention ready charged from hindering apprehension to hazing, to murder. this case another danger. 19-year-old whose death was entirely preventable. nearly two years after death of 19-year-old brooke college student his family has a measure of justice. monroe county district attorney in pennsylvania has charged five fraternity members with third-degree murder that carries sentence up to 20 years in prison. their t they're identified as charles li kenny and daniel lamb and sheldon wang. fraternity rented this home in the poconos in december much 2013. as apartment of a hazing ritual he was blindfold ltd made to wear a 30 pound backpack as a he ran fraternity brothers who tried to tackle him in the snow.
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he faced brutal body blows. at least one knocked him unconscience he strug told breathe but authorities say those whorm at the home contacted national representative identified as andy who encouraged them to hide all fraternity related items. finally after an hour three friends brought him to a hospital and eventually died. his family praising authorities for bringing charges against fraternity and its members. too many family members have been devastated as a result of fraternity hazing with at least one student dying eve year from hazing since 1970 the family said. fraternities and their members must be held accountable and this step by authorities is an important one. he's the brother of grace manning who represents parts of queens. the family members say that they're continuing on with their
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wrongful death case against the fraternity qoat so that other parents will be spared the loss of a precious child. ben and juliet back to you. juliet: thanks very much. a freak fox on staten island has left one woman dead and another fighting for her pliech >> this it terrible. women were riding books when an suv tows boat passed them the the boat became unhitched. alexa pronounced dead. the driver remained at the scene. the collision squad is investigating. ben: much more still to come on this tuesday morning. juliet: mike is watching the weather for us. good. mike: good if you like it sunny. the rain is not happening everyone appreciates sun out there. temps start off at 65 degrees central park right now. sunny skies niece and warm later in the amp with light winds as well.
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a comfortable warm day out there as we wrap up. headline and alerts available on the fox 5 weather app that's at the apple itunes store and a google play store. download by searching fox weather it will be there ready for you to download and rock 'n' roll. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> we're back 6:15.
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>> did a nice parascope you can find it if you go to twitter. >> everybody has to check us out on twitter and parascope. >> see the real more loosey goosy. dmpleght it again in the next break. two in a row. mike: i'll set it up. good morning everyone. doesn't trust me. show you what's going on. first of all so far for the month of september, i mean, about half way through it. our average temperatures 77 pnt pnt9ing drays way warmer than normal so far. warmest day is 97 degrees back on the 8th. now we're on the trend back up. precip wise just under two inches which is just above normal for this month only for the year or six inches behind so we need some more rainfall out there, and yeah we'll see if that materializes, but right now it does nots look promising for quite a while.
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clear skies right now. 65 degree website the dew points are low. humid tid is low. but that does mange it to be quite comfortable. 62 boston. 623 syracuse. clear sky here, that's throughout the day and nice and sunny and milted mild. high of 83 not quite as windy as we had yesterday. same thing on thursday, 84 thursday, friday. 2379 on sunday when we have more clouds but shower chances look to be -- almost nil but we have to keep an eye on things at least swhaf a chance. all right let's bring in kelly. you mentioned that the accident on l.i.e. cleared away so things are better there. >> francis lewis boulevard that flipped over car was quickly cleared away just within a few munns so some really good news there all lanes reopen. fun fortunately l.i.e. traveling
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westbound just getting word of a broken down war by queens boulevard blocking at least one lane right now. so do expect slowdowns traveling into that area. let's switch over now to the holland tunnel fin bound right now only a five minute wait at the toll plaza really not bad. let's switch over now to the george washington bridge no trouble spots. quiet upstairs and down stairs to floing tunnel a five minute wait at the tolls as well. mass transit metro-north. lirr, new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule this morning. and alternate side well they're suspended but remember you have to feed those meters. ben and juliet back to you. >> thank you kelly when pope francis visits madison square garden he'll be second pope to do so. >> back in 19789 he touched hearts of many new yorkers at his stop at msg. duke castiglione joins us now with a look back at that historic visit. good morning. >> i really enjoy doing this story. think about all of the great
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moments we've seen at the most famous arena. an pope john fall one of the garden defining moments that visit a day many will never forget including some people from our area i recently had a chance to catch up with them. >> there i was and a the whole world was watching. here was a microphone. i said -- big cheer went up introduced the should have. that just helped build the anticipation. >> just a 17-year-old kid from staten island. who was chosen to play a role if -- and you know, we know what kind of a great man jean paul was and what he became. >> the first trip to america and only the second time a pope had visited the united states. in what an impacted it. maybe the moment or o image that
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best sums up has time during his stay -- the iconic picture of his holiness holding the little six-year-old girl smith. >> i remember him coming through, and he was waving, beckening and the guard lifted me up over the railing. i remember my feet touching the railing across the security detail into the pope's arms and he actually lifted me up on to the popemobile. >> that was that like? >> amazing and music playing television shaking them to the music and looking up and smiling at me. i at him. >> the man that took that fir joe. >> every perfect moment that can go into taking an iconic picture happened at this moment. >> in a matter of days that worldwide. it touched so many people, including the pope who kept that fir on his desk until the day he died. >> i think the pope realized
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that this moment was so important, and had such spiritual feelings and love attached to it. >> fast forward to 1995 when he visited in new york in central park. asked to be part of the prosession that brought up gifts. she and pope jean paul the ii met again. >> i also brought a 5 by 7 of the original photo taken in 1979 i showed it to his holiness he looked at it, me, he said yes, i remember. i remember. madison square garden. >> did he really? >> yeah. >> what was that leak? >> amazing. blown away. i couldn't believe it. and he gave me a special blessing. >> how great is that? so -- i sat down with jerrelinn and her mom and a she forgot the family camera that day they thought they were not going to
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be so clogs. but nonetheless the great photographer who captured great moments at the garden was there that day. that picture went worldwide. and it is in defining moments tower. 8th floor at the garden you can see it. >> really cool. duke nice story. thank you. still to come the newest subway station opened just what -- a little over a day and having some mechanical problems. >> don't beat up on it.
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>> preliminary report says engine failure to blame for this month's coast guard plane crash on a new jersey soccer field. the ntsb say it is suddenly stopped producing power on september 3rd as it flew 2,000 feet over the town of cresco. copilot perk pearson seriously hurt and been released. pearson hospitalized in stable condition. open a little bit over a day and a broken escalator at the 7 station at hudson yard that goes from the lower platform to the
6:25 am
upper that broke down yesterday morning. the mta said it is common for escalator to be taken out of service while they're broken in. >> broken in for three day, though? >> that's the they think back in service not until 10:00 tomorrow morning. escalators are vital to the u new station since the platform is more than 100 feet below ground. >> if you have suitcase it is won't be fun. a new way to beat the gridlock in manhattan. feds are testing a new device that warnings motorists about congestion and traffic dangerous. device installed? 10,000 cars, trucks and buses by 2017. the release -- receive rather information from traffic lightses at key intersections. u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox says the city will receive up to 20 million dollars, to develop this new technology. ben: your top stories when we return. juliet: plus within of the most beloved sandwiches at mcdonald's may be a bit hard to find this fall.
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why is this --
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>> good morning looks like another beautiful week ahead of us. ben: yeah, looks really nice again today. a little warmer than yesterday. although pight yesterday was pretty perfect temperature wise. juliet: mike will have our extended forecast coming up. ben: local agency as took part in a exercise simulating possible emergencies that is all in preparation of that man's visit. pope francis is going to be in new york next week also washington, d.c. and philadelphia. juliet: also learning about some of the performers scheduled for
6:30 am
the pam l mass at madison square garden. they include that man -- that woman, that woman, that woman, that woman -- a lot of people. >> running back told rah shatd jennings nots to score in the final minutes of the loss. >> i don't understand the rational duke doesn't get it either. ferghts if ball goes back to the cowboys and they still had enough time, i don't know. >> post cover shows many fans might not be quite ready to forgive him. he did just sign a big contract extension $84 million. turning on him quickly. >> tough town i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy. september 15th mike woods is here. mike: all right. [laughter]
6:31 am
juliet: you're just thinking about parascoping we were again on twitter. >> yeah. kind of fun but i guess mess things up. juliet: doing a good job. mike: made you look good anyway. ease. [laughter] not say what i was going to say. [laughter] for the next parascope. 465 degrees your temperature central park it is 48 in sussex and 46 degrees in monticello. still kind of on the coolside but not as cool as yesterday. dew points are a little bit higher. but it does feel pretty nice out there. dew point of only 47 central park not bad. 50 at newark. none eve these are tun comfortable here. high pressure is in control to keep us nice and a dry. clear skies forward through your tuesday. here's what you have for the day or taking the day off high of 83 later this afternoon. through next five days high of 85 tomorrow. 85 on thursday and keep it at 84
6:32 am
friday, saturday no rain in that five-day forecast. all right time to bring in kelly she's going to give you latest on what it's look -- generally speaking are you seeing less or o more in the volume side? >> light per side this morning. mike because of the holiday so not too many people going to work or school today that's some good news. we have a few trouble spots, though, first let's start with good news on the l.i.e. that broken down car on the westbound side by queens boulevard all cleared up. laneslanes are reopened. cross bronx westbound side right by major deegan we have a broken down car on right shoulder not causing too much much an issue at this poangt. let's switch over now to look at the 59th street bridge where things are quiet as you can see upstairs and downstairs imp federalling the speed limit still. let's head over now to a look at the belt parkway by leopards boulevard. just minor slowdowns not bad. people are still moving again this speed limit.
6:33 am
that's definitely -- here's new jersey turnpike by the 13a no problem or delays here. mass transit still on or close to schedule. alternate side rules suspended today but you have to feed meters. ben and juliet back to you. juliet: thank you very much kelly. 6:33 yesterday dozens of local and federal agency it is took part in an extensive security exercise all in preparation for what is going to happen over the next -- week and a half or so. specifically would be the visit of pope francis. >> we have a u.n. general assembly in town. president will as well. police commissioner bill bratton describes pope's visit as the largest security challenge new york has ever faced. let's go to teresa priolo live outside the papal residence. >> unprecedents was the word he used. standing outside you can see that there are the road blocks up.
6:34 am
they're not in place yet. but these are beginning to be one of the security measures that will help keep the pope safe because it will control traffic. but big question that the nypd and also state and a federal law enforcement wanted to answer yesterday is what happens if a major emergency -- comes about while pope is in town? can they handle it? can they stretch their resource it is thin enough and still be able to accommodate all of them? what happens if multiple emergencies arrive? well they trained for it yesterday, and we got to witness some of it. tack a listen. [inaudible] >> they were working on -- >> all of these things happen on the exact same day but the goal to make sure they can handle each and every one without taking resources away from the pope. the president will be in town as well as all of the world leaders who need security when they're in town for the u.n. general assembly. this is expected to be the most complex security operation in
6:35 am
this city's history. that is according to commissioner bratton. adding to the concern that pope francis is somebody who likes to move around on his own. move freely interact with people. so that is also another added security element. take a listen. >> keep it in a tight bubble as we could. but this pope has made it quite clear as he's traveled around the world, that that's not what he does. >> you combine them. we can say safely we've never seen something like this before. >> but bottom line is everyone says that the nypd homeland security secret service, state police, they're all ready and they can do this job and do it well. one other thing to mention to you we talked about a potential threat against pope. peter king is telling us that the threat was not here in new york city, and he leakened it to the type of threat that you would see against a celebrity so say it was not some sort of coordinated attack but some type
6:36 am
of information against high profile figure like an a alist select. latest from upper east side this morning. back to boament both of you. >> security will be tight for the madison square garden only the 25 9 next friday. before the pontiff tacks stage there will be a bevy of musical performingers. >> harry connick junior. gloria stephen performing a journey in faith. there will be other performers actor and choirs but because of the security if you're planning on going officials ask that you get there at a 2:00. the mass starts at 6:30 but they want you there very early. fox means business joining us lauren simonetti who is due every day now. >> any week now. >> talking about -- >> any day works for me, though. ben: i'm sure you're ready. juliet: mcdonald's is going to have an elusive sandwich.
6:37 am
explain for us. >> mcrib has a cult following. it is the pork sandwich. really good i've had one. usually it is available nationwide for a limited amount of time. but more or less it is not that difficult to find when it does hit the market in the fall. this year, things are changing. i haven't seen in any new york. people because it has such a fan following where people say where they've found one none in our area at least not yet. here's the reason mcdonald's which has a bloated menu they're trying simplify things they essentially told franchises look it's up to you. you want to sell it. if you don't don't worry it be. it's in their hands now. see who sells it, not many are so far. so not good news for the likes of greg kelly. pmpleght a big mcdonald's fan i'm assuming mcrib too.
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>> big mac is my favorite. >> dollar double cheese burger best deal. >> onions chopped up. >> pickles. >> i'm getting hungry. 24 hour one? >> four more hour it is you're killing me. egg mcmurch is good. sausage and cheese biscuit. >> i have to find a runner. i have to stay here. catch her on fox business network if you're not sure where to find her she's hunting around for something to do. log on to fox >> channel finder. [laughter] that's it. ben: going to end that at some point? run out of ideas? let us know. i do feel bad you kind of are scrounging for thingings to do
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opinion anxiety like o', no. that so -- >> channel finder. >> the hair flip. back to hair flip. and there. : twitter, facebook. we're good. >> i liked different language thing but that lasted two. >> sometimes it's like i don't know if this is exactly the word could be cursing or something. ben: they said finder. >> i want to say good morning to karen thorne checking us out from new milford, new jersey this is what you have. what to expect, it is beginning to be another warm earl day coming at you here with sunshine, a little less wind out there. bright, blue sunny skies coming at you through the rest of the weekend into the weekend answer few more clouds roll into town bit time we get to sunday. by then shower threat is almost nil.
6:40 am
see if we have hiccups with the commute morning. hey there. >> quiet overall you have one trouble spot right now on cross bronx expressway westbound by the major deegan expressway. just a broken down car blocking shoulder causing some minor delays that the point. let's head over now to a live look at the tappan zee bridge. free and clear westchester and rockland can want bound alternate side rules they're suspended but you still have to feed those meters. now let's head other to duke with a look at sports. good morning, duke. >> coming up in sports both a-rod and rookie coming up big but yankees in the 9th inning last night in t.a.r.p. bay we've got all 68 your highlight when is we come back. >> plus the latest entertainment news. >> lovato had a strange response to what seemed like a simple question. we'll talk about it, up coming up.
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>> here's a look at the headlines cops in the bronx are looking for a mugger who fractured a woman's face with a punch in the building near east 201st street did not get a video of that. >> beat that woman. >> charged with third-degree murder in the 2013 death of
6:44 am
baruch college student mike michael deng and they injured him during a hazing ritual and then called national frat reinstef getting the dying teen immediate help. >> agency as including fbi, homeland security and secret service getting ready for pope francis visit next week. president obama and pun general assembly will also be in town. a traffic challenged week. >> football and teams arriving. crazy. >> so pearl jam here that saturday and pontiff. we can handle it. when i talk to yankees, beyond verge of another collapse, they bring you back in don't they? sunday they win and wednesday comeback to tampa bay heading into the 9th. down to the last out. a-rod at the plate, and he's going to belt a game tieing rbi
6:45 am
remember he has to be the guy now because mark teixeira out with that fracture in his leg going to tie craig for 21st place on all time list. more importantly tie the game after brian mccann was intentionally walked obtained, he's got called up from triple a since may 27th out of here. if -- he's yeah 25 or 26 if you haven't read his story, pick up the post today kevin kern in the post is a great -- great job with us overcome some things in his life. his name is heath slaka. >> heath. quite a name. >> come on. >> backwards. they win 4-1 and they're now within three games of the blue jays in the east. >> big piece in the times this morning about mets very versus yankees.
6:46 am
>> early in the day yoenis continue with his monster shot 342 feet blast within the second deck. 17th as a met 1-0 mets. tied at 3 in the 7th now captain david wright. he's playing meaningful game since september means so much to him especially what he's battled back from. ground roll double. 4-3 lead your final mets -- magic number now 10. yes down to 10. they won eight straight games football now. bit more insight into the giants u tough loss we mean tough that might be understatement to the cowboys i told you earlier they decided to throw the ball on third goal at the end of the game with a minute 43 left. no timeouts instead of run the ball cowboys have enough time to schorl, and win. the update running back rashad told not to score on two carries
6:47 am
before that third down pass. now tee lie took the blame for that is right away. he believed dallas would -- have enough time to score because he thought they had two timeoutses. basically they want they have one. so get the ball back and -- go down the field he told jennings to go down to the one inch yard line like bradshaw did didn't happen. so nonetheless -- we're going to ask rashad about this when he joins us live in studio in the 9:00 hour. and steve will join us at 7:30 and talk about what he's up to now as a well. all right -- the post they thought eli made a bad move and put him on this morning's cover in a dark cap. u owe, headline, the 84 million dollar dope. wow. >> atle dramatic.
6:48 am
a tough game, he did, it wasn't clock management, at the end of the game i'm tom coughlin but really on eli. >> problem with nfl receiver game counts especially in the division. >> poor times after a signing that gigantic contract. [laughter] >> yeah. making a statement. we all make mistakes they called it -- [inaudible] sorry i missed it up. >> slade dodger game last night a fan is going to give him the ball there. his mom, with happy, and he's happy. and oh -- he throws it over. so -- oh, boy. [laughter] >> what did i do there? >> by the way, according to wikipedia you never know if it is true lived his senior year of high school out of his truck. >> read a story --
6:49 am
yeah. still undercome some problems, and you know, hard nose player, i mean -- >> star linebacker i think it was. some talent serious talent. thank you, duke. 6:49 let's check the weather forecast. grat day yesterday. >> yep better for us today if you like it on warmer side but yesterday a lot of folks were enjoying cooler temperatures with that nice little wind from the northwest. but right now we've got 65 degrees. central park you've got clear skies. dew point humidity on a pretty conform range here nice and dry, and our temps are going to warm up more readily today than what we had yesterday. it is 60 now in d.c. 59 in philly. 53 in syracuse. 63 burlington, vermont. but winds are lighter yesterday they were coming at you pretty good around 7 to 17 miles per hour. today they're in the range of 3 to 7 if you have any wind at all. just a lighter wind coming from the northwest and reason being you have that area of low pressure in the trough hanging over northeast.
6:50 am
but the pressure gradient is less at least the gradient here over the tristate region so that means winds relax a little bit for you. high and dry and take you through future cast and see computer models says nothing. we've got high pressure in control. it will be quiet for you today into tomorrow. tomorrow into the next day. it goes on for quite a while before we have anything significant that comes to us here in the tristate almost like we're back in the des teeter leak that. but we have a sunny warm, dry day. high temp 83 degrees for you later this arch. afternoon a high of 85 for you tomorrow. same on thursday, and we keep it sunny all a the way through saturday. more clouds, a quick sprinkle coming through on sunday. highs back down into the 70s early next week which is closer to where we should be this time of the year above normal temps. headlines alerts theirs
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>> good morning we're looking at an accident in grand central parkway on westbound side by union turnpike blocking one lane. a minor accident at this point. head over now tay a live look outside at the brooklyn bridge as you can see both directions smooth sailing. all gnat parking rules suspended but feed meters. ben and juliet back to you. >> thank you. pmpleg thank you kelly. time now for entertainment. >> l lovely anna gilligan is here. cofounder jerry had a everyone in themed wedding on 14th anniversary of the terrorist attack. well, we'll tell you the whole story first of all he got photos of the ceremony you can see cake is recreation of the twin towers with pictures of the bride and groom on them.
6:55 am
67-year-old married christa an the police settings are insane box cutters with billboard he's apologizing to anyone they offended it wasn't his idea. basically they had a marriage certificate that was going to run out on that friday and they wanted to get married. friends thought it was a meaningful date to do it and one friend he said had a very bad sense of humor about it and he brought the cake and box cutter and basically he said now that -- the pictures were sold, media has gotten ahold of it whole wedding is ruined. >> pretty distasteful. >> awful. >> and a light f lighter news mariah carey trying her hand at video game acting now pay attention through the end when she runs away. >> time to be heros, guys. [laughter]
6:56 am
>> run alone is getting so much attention on social media. there are bouts of the it all over the place. going to loop again. so basically this is for -- if you remember kate upton did a commercial for the same video game. the game company is machine zone. ithey're getting their money's worth here maybe the beginning of the commercial. so it is -- game of war fire age. so you can look up this commercial. basically her song hero comes games out there, and we don't know what she made but apparently kate upton made a million because of lawsuits that happened from it will so mimi got more. yeah. i thought it was leak rosanna just said not running but maybe a computer thing. demi lovato getting a lot of attention to this answer she gave in an interview. >> your favorite dish.
6:57 am
>> my favorite dish. i like mugs because they're comfortable in your hand and hold hot things that you don't have to touch. you know, coffee, or hot tea. >> i think she's joking but everyone is like that was not a smart answer. so anyway she responded on twitter saying it was her sense humor and then an instagram photo with a bunch of mugs i think she knew. she has a big smirk on her face they get so bored of interviews when they're promoting things. hashtag mug. >> i love a mug. favorite dish too. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home, so you can get access to the fastest internet and in-home wi-fi available. and fios gives you big capacity too. so everyone in the house can get online. but the main reason to get fios?
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